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"Let Christ In Me Be Seen in 2018"


Psalms 11:3

"If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?"

News and Events
Pastor William Keen has been sick since the first week of April 2011.  He has been diagnosed with gastroparesis.  We went to Cleveland Clinic and found out that he has much more than that.  He has Adult Idiopathic Hypertrophy Pyloric Stenosis.  Which means the valve between his stomach and small intestines was totally closed.  It did not allow digested food to move into his intestines from his stomach.  He lost 60 to 65 pounds in that 5 month period.  Thank the Lord the doctors in Cleveland found out what it was and was able to operate.  Pastor is very weak but his future prognosis is very promising!  Please pray for him as he recovers and as he wants to return to preaching and pastoring as soon as the Lord allows!   September 2011

Pastor Keen had his feeding tube removed the last week in September of 2011.  He is now preaching Sunday morning, Sunday and Wednesday evening.  Thank you to everyone who has prayed for him and for Victory Baptist Church during this most difficult time!  God is good...all the time.  All the time...God is good!  Amen.